Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

We had our annual "Patriot's Day Parade" in our neighborhood this morning for the kids. Huge turnout this year! The fire department came to lead it, and the kids seemed to have a great time. There was a pool party afterwards and our three were NOT happy when it was time to go. They love swimming! Thankfully we had a lot of extra hands--Gina, Kelly, Aaron, Becky, Devin and Sydney came to help out!

The fourth car of the wagon had a boombox (remember the term "boombox"?! Jeez, that makes me feel old...), which we brought along to play parade marching music. I found a bunch of great patriotic marching music and burned a CD. I was stoked! Then we found out the music stopped when the wagon was moving because of the vibration...BUMMER!! If you'd like to hear some patriotic marching music, though, feel free to call me and I'll play it for you. :-) Too bad I'm not more tech-y...I'd add a playlist to this post.

Above is our friend Gina from Missouri. Brent's known her since she was born, and now she's moved to Winfield! We're thrilled to have her so close!

Kelly had to distract Blake with a popsicle. He was NOT happy when it was time to get dressed after swimming.

The boys on the frog at the swimming pool!

Devin and Sydney were our neighbors at our old house. We'd give anything to have them living next door to us now! The kids LOVE them.

Kelly's son Aaron and his girlfriend Becky. Becky is one of our valuable babysitters!!

Tonight we're heading to our friends' house for dinner and fireworks, but might have to leave before the "big" fireworks get started. I might be surprised, though--the kids might like fireworks more than I'm expecting! (Oh heck...I just realized we didn't BUY any fireworks to share tonight...I'm off to find a fireworks tent! That shouldn't be hard!)