Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy GratiTuesday!

This week we're grateful for Dad and Louise's visit this weekend! Dad shipped Brent the part for the refrigerator and Brent was able to get it installed before they got here. That left plenty of time for them to work on the air conditioner when Dad and Louise were here! The fins are badly damaged and it needed a dose of freon, so Brent and Dad tackled that Sunday afternoon. Hopefully that will help with our sky-high electric bills!

After they finished their project, we had plenty of time to share a Tippins apple pie that Louise brought. I miss Tippins! Yummy pies! Sorry for the second picture...Graham's mouth is full of apple pie. :-)


Jen said...

I'm sure Graham was thankful for the apple pie at that time! ;-) Cute!