Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snow Pics!

The "Spring Blizzard" (don't you love the hype media gives weather??) arrived in Wichita last weekend, and the boys got their first real snow experience. Note the "boots" on the boys...the bags are held on by Sophie's stretchy headbands. I should have taken some video and added a little Flashdance music. The hats totally make up for the footwear fashion faux pas, though, don't they?? BEST...HATS...EVER!!!
The sun had come out and made the snow nice and heavy. Brent made the kids a great snowman! Complete with "two eyes made out of coal"!

UNRELATED (hopefully), Graham and I spent the evening Monday at Urgent Care because he wouldn't stop crying and seemed really hot. I worried it was one of his ear tubes giving him fits, so I wanted it checked out before nighttime. I figured it would be a quick visit, so I didn't even grab the diaper bag--just a sippy cup of water for him. (Wow, hindsight really is 20/20...) FOUR HOURS (and a strep test, blood workup, urine sample--that's an interesting story in itself--two chest x-rays and a breathing treatment) LATER, they determined that he has pneumonia. He's not coughing and never did register a fever, so his diagnosis kind of freaks me out! His blood work came back showing an infection and his oxygen levels were a little low (which I chalked up to the fact that any time someone acted like they were going to touch him and take him away from his mommy he broke down in hysterics, so by the time they got to the oxygen level test he'd practically hyperventilated). We see the doctor again next week.


Jen said...

Man when your kids get sick, they like to do it up BIG! Poor little guy...I think I know your feeling on the urine test...they did that with Decovin last summer. Did it involve a bag with an opening and sticky stuff that put over his privates that stuck to his skin to keep it in place?! CRAZY!

Karie Karp said...

I'm so sorry he's sick! I thought cold and flu season was over.

I just wanted to say, that my mom made us wear bread sacks on our feet when we were little and it traumatized us for the rest of our lives....ask Kelly! hahaha

thebiggsfamily said...

Love the snow pictures, especially the sack on the the feet! Too cute!

The five of us: Brent, Jennifer, Sophie, Blake & Graham said...

Jen: YES, that's exactly the urine "collection" that they did!! Is that the craziest thing ever??

Karie: Too funny, Kelly told me that story, too! You girls turned out so AWESOME that I think maybe all kids need to be exposed to bread sacks on their feet. Builds character, I say!! :-)

Jen said...

Yes! I hated that thing...and boy did he SQUEAL when they took it off! lol!