Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Little bit evil"

The kids and I went grocery shopping last night while Brent spent the evening at Lowe's getting supplies for his window well project. I was so happy with how well the kids did--no screaming or meltdowns (except for Graham's squeals of laughter/frustration as Blake was trying to tickle him). When we were in the checkout line, a sweet checker came over from another line to talk to the kids. We struck up a conversation, and she finally said "Oh! This one's a little bit evil, isn't he?!" I looked down, and THIS is what I saw...

OH...MY...GOSH!!! Friends, we may have a demonic possession on our hands. What is this look???? This face from the child who usually looks like THIS:
The picture of him in the bib was taken just seconds after the "look" pictures were taken--I put the bib on and said "smile!" and he was his usual sweet self. The second picture is him with Roger's Porsche hat a few weeks ago. He loves that hat!!
Oh my...what's a mother to do?!


Jen said...

With the way the hat is on his head, it almost looks like a stocking hat which makes him look almost like the little brother in the movie A Christmas Story..."I can't put my arms down" haha!

thebiggsfamily said...

I found your blog through facebook. I love it!
That is way too cute! He knows how to work those eyes, huh?

Christy said...

One of my 3 year-old clients gave me the Stink-Eye last month! He's never given me such a look even since day one back in August. His mom was mortified after I pointed it out to her... I had to laugh. He literally had one eye closed and the other was like your son's demonic down-gaze. It gave me the creeps for a sec but it was just too funny to see this 3 year-old giving me this LOOK. Guess he was just having a day...???