Friday, April 24, 2009

Brent's surgery

We're home from the surgery center and Brent's doing great! The doctor said he removed several polyps and opened the sinus cavities again, and that he was pleased with how the surgery went. Praise God! Brent's pretty sore and will stay nice and drugged up for the next few days while he recovers. He's already feeling good about the surgery--one of the first things he said when he woke up is "I can't believe I can breathe through my nose!" I think he'll be a new man in the next few weeks--he's battled sinus issues forever!

THANK YOU for the kind words and encouragement!! I'll keep you posted on his progress over the weekend.


Jennifer Gragg said...

So glad he's home & doing well. :-)

Jen said...

Holy cow! I am so glad he is ok. I just got back from Chicago so I was reading all the blogs! You miss a lot when you don't check the blogs everyday! My best friend had that surgery and she said it was the best thing she ever did!