Monday, April 20, 2009


We took Sophie to the circus on Saturday! She LOVED the first half. The trapeze artists and pony riders had her full attention--she kept yelling "My turn! Sophie's turn!" We got her a light-up "wand" that she's in love with.
At intermission she got to ride an elephant and a pony, and LOVED them both. Brent rode the elephant with her, and he's been complaining that he "pulled something"...I guess he's not used to doing the splits?!
We've been talking about clowns in her books, and were so glad she wasn't afraid of them at the circus! She shook their hands and talked to them like it was no big deal.
We left at intermission and went outside to see the elephants. They had just gotten bags of apples for lunch, and it was interesting to watch them eat them!
We took Sophie to Smashburger for lunch, which opened recently. It was good! (I swear I saw Saddam Hussein and James Blunt while I was there...but that's another post for another day...)

When we got home we played outside and had ice cream. We found out that the boys LOVE ice cream cones!! We stripped them down on the patio before bringing them inside for a bath. :-)


Jen said...

I, however, would have left screaming from the circus as I am abslutely terrified of clowns...way to go Sophie!

Love the ice cream pics...nothin' better than wearing half of it! Oh yeah!