Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monkey Business

Graham is such a wild man! Here's a video of the boys when we went in to get them this morning. Sometimes you can just hear his crib rattling as he runs back and forth across the mattress! He's on the move every waking moment!
Here are some other pictures I took a couple weeks ago after their naps. I would have loved to see how Graham got himself into that situation! (Can't you picture Blake doing it to him, then giving him a wedgie?! Ha!! Those times are coming!) Another funny thing is that Blake's shirt is in Graham's crib (Graham is standing on it). I need to get a hidden camera for their room!! They keep us laughing, that's for sure. :-)


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Jennifer Gragg said...

LOL! Too cute! Twice the trouble & twice the fun! Gotta love it.