Sunday, March 22, 2009

My blog "excuse"

Ok, since I'm failing miserably at updating the blog more frequently, here's my excuse: Our laptop bit the dust. Sometimes it won't even boot up, and when it does, it's ridiculously slow. I'm pretty sure it had a virus/worm, so I installed new virus software and ran a system defrag. Any other suggestions? It is kind of a dinosaur...I got it when I started the Wags to Whiskers business several years ago. I'd prefer to crutch it along instead of buying a new one...any suggestions? I'm open to wiping it clean an reinstalling programs if that's necessary, but I don't know how to do that. Help!! Our desktop computer is downstairs, so I can only come down here when the kids are napping or asleep...

The kids are supposed to be napping right now, but apparently there's a game of Marco Polo going on up there. A loud yell will come from Sophie's room...(then giggles)...then a holler from the boys' room...(more giggles)...then a yell from Sophie's room...(giggling from both rooms)... Kids this age still need naps, right?!

The boys have moved up to booster seats! No more high chairs for them! My friend Jess got a new dining room table, so we lucked out and got their hand-me-down table. Love it! Now all three of the kids sit in booster seats (again, one came from Jess's house...are we blessed or what?!). I love that we all sit "at" the table together.
I just took these pictures a minute ago so you could see that my "napping" kids aren't napping at all!! Sophie was crouched in the corner playing with Legos when I walked in! I've said it before...what will it be like when these boys move up to todder beds??


Christy said...

I'm in similar dilemma with my computer. I've already taken mine in for a refresher, however. My iTunes is still whack and I'm not sure my printer wants to date the CPU again. The love affair may be over. I'm considering all a-new myself. grrrr. Good luck with yours.

Jen said...

I know nothing about computers...the fact that you knew how to defrag is impressive! Go you! I leave all the computer stuff up to the hubby! haha! Good luck with dragging the old dinosaur along! :-)

Hysterical that they were "talking" to each other during "nap" time! LOL! Gotta love that! And yes, naps are still good and reasonable at this age...both of mine still take naps...the youngest does 2 naps a day still! LOL! There are days where naps seem non-existent and makes for grumpy bears by early evening but you can't force them to sleep I suppose! LOL! :-) The evil look is hysterical, by the way!