Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Did anyone get pinched today?! I missed out on treat day at work--I hope everyone had some "Irish" yummies today! The kids and I spent time at Exploration Place today, and had a picnic lunch outside. I had planned on cutting their PB&Js into shamrock shapes, but my big box-o-cookie-cutters didn't have a shamrock. No fair! There are literally 101 cookie cutters in there...but no shamrock!! I'm pretty sure the kids didn't care, though.

The last 24 hours have been very humbling for my "mommy ego." Last night I tried to take the kids to the park in our neighborhood, and they all went in three different directions (Blake to the top of the jungle gym, Sophie down the slide, and Graham headed STRAIGHT for the lake). Then today at Exploration Place was a true testament to why people put their kids on those "kid leashes." All three of them just scattered. So frustrating and so humbling. Up until this point, I was pretty independent and never batted an eye about going somewhere with all three by myself. I'm beginning to realize that with the boys being so mobile (and loving to RUN), things might change a little until they get a bit older. Sigh...

On a lighter note, this weather is awesome!! Brent put a coat of stain and water sealer on the swingset this week, and he hopes it will be completely dry by tomorrow night. It looks great--even better than when it was brand new! We've been brainstorming covers for the window wells, and Brent came across some heavy wire shelving that he's going to put on top of the plexiglass. Our window wells are really deep, and we've been worried about whether or not the covers were strong enough in case one of the kids stood or stumbled on it. This way, we can still have the light coming in for the basement, but they'll be super strong. Woo hoo! After today at Exploration Place, I'm doubly excited to have the back yard ready. :-)