Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tea and Teeth

Hello again! Sorry it's been a while!

My brothers had a guinnea pig when I was little, and I was petting it through the cage wire when it bit me on the finger. I will never forget how sharp those little teeth were, or how bad my finger hurt and bled...I'm still cautious around rodent-like pets. I told you that story to tell you this: GRAHAM HAS THE SHARPEST TEETH I'VE EVER FELT IN MY LIFE. Sharper than the guinnea pig, I swear. 90% of the time he kisses, 10% of the time he bites. As his mother, I think this is an acceptable ratio...I'll take my chances. If I didn't, I'd miss out on the kisses, right?! His father, however, does not share in such riskiness...he won't let that kid's mouth anywhere near him. Poor Graham, he tries to snuggle up to Brent and he practically gets catapulted into an outward-facing football hold! A few days ago, Graham got a particularly good chomp in on my shoulder--through my clothes he still managed to make me bleed. That night, Brent tells me I sat up in bed, turned the light on, and said "Get him out of here! Graham's biting me!" Aren't dreams crazy?!

Last Saturday I went to high tea with Melissa and Shelly. We had so much fun! Melissa's friend Jancy was there, too, and we were lucky to get to sit with her. It started with a shortbread cookie and delicious chilled berry soup, then came the savory plate of spinach balls (sooo much better than they sound), chicken salad sandwich, quiche, and a scone with lemon curd and cream. The final course was a plate of desserts that included a toffee bar, lemon bar, raspberry bar and an oreo truffle-type ball. FAB-U-LOUS!!!!! Here are some pictures:

Sophie was wanting a nectarine this afternoon (which she called "apple"--anything round apparently is an apple!), and she was sitting on the kitchen floor eating it. Blake rounded the corner and you could see in his eyes that he wanted that nectarine. The following pictures are the events that followed--you can see that she keeps scooting backwards toward the dining room trying to get away from him. He practically steamrolled her trying to pry it out of her hands.


Jennifer Gragg said...

LOL! Love all the pix.