Wednesday, July 9, 2008


NEWS FLASH! Blake finally has a tooth!! It's one of his bottom front teeth, and his second bottom front one is close behind it. Hooray for Blake!

Also, I revised the pie recipe on a previous post. I made it last night and made some adjustments to the recipe. I used pink lemonade and it was so good!

Monday night I joined some girls at Dream Dinners to make frozen meals. The concept is to go in once or twice a month and make entrees for your freezer. Since our frozen supper club couldn't meet this month, my freezer needed stocked up! They have stations set up with all of the ingredients for your entree. When you're finished making one, you move to the next station. I made 12 entrees (each with 3 servings) in 2 hours!! I loved the concept, and can't wait to try out the meals. A great thing is the meals are put into bags instead of pans, so 12 meals took up a small portion of my freezer.

I loved it so much that I booked a Sneak Peek for July 31st at 7pm. A sneak peek is a mini open house for them and it's free for us to attend. They tell us about their company and how the menu plan works, then everyone gets to make a 6-serving entree to take home for your family to try--for FREE! If you're interested in going, let me know! If you like it, I'm planning to book a session in early August for us to go back and make our meals. Plus, we can take wine and snacks in with us, so we could make a true party out of this! :-)


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Jen said...

Yay teeth! Camden got his first tooth on the 1st of July...boy was he cranky about it too! LOL! :-) Poor guy. He knows how to use that thing too and he sticks his tongue out over it all the time to feel it...cracks me up! Sounds like we are trying to make plans to come see you soon! Hope we can figure out a good time/date, etc...!

Jennifer Gragg said...

I had the Hawaiian Chicken last night & it was sooo yummy! ;-) Nice to see you the other night. We'll have to do it again.