Sunday, July 13, 2008

New haircuts!

Kelly came over today and helped me give the boys a haircut. My plan was to use the electric clippers/razor, but their hair was way too fine for that--I ended up cutting it with scissors. EEK!! I made the first cut and looked at Kelly with terror in my eyes--I thought for sure I was going to mess it up and we'd be going to the barber shop to fix it. It went better than I expected, though (in my humble opinion)! The first two are Blake's before and after (he was the first one I cut, so it took longer...he was mad at Kelly and I by the time it was all over!), the second two are Graham's before and after, and the last one is both of them together after their haircuts.

Not too bad for a beginning stylist, don't you think?!


Leann said...

so sweet!!!!! u did a great job

Jen said...

I need to learn how to cut my boys' hair...all of them...sure would save us a lot of money in the end...hehe!