Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hello Kitty dress

Here are a couple of pictures of Sophie in the Hello Kitty dress I made her! Her daddy was tickling her, so that's the arm you see in the picture. :-) This was my second sewing project (my first were the outfits for Sophie and her cousins)--it was fun to make! Now I'm on the search for some antique/vintage pillowcases that have pretty embroidery or lace to make the next pillowcase dress out of. If you run across something, let me know! You know how I love garage sales...I'll be watching for pillowcases!

Tonight was the last night of swimming class for the kids. I took Blake tonight, and he loved it. I didn't sign them up for the next class, since each week was the same as the week before. We can do it by ourselves until they're ready to move to the next level. Sophie did NOT want to stay in the daycare tonight, though--she's going through a real separation anxiety stage right now. Poor thing!!


Jennifer Gragg said...

Wow. I'm in awe Jen. It's adorable.

leann said...

So very cute!!!! so creative u are.

Patti Hyland said...

Jennifer, all your creations are just precious. I want a pillow case dress......so cute!!