Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tumbling, Peanut Butter and Diaper Bags

My birthday was a lot of fun! I went to Old Chicago--MY FAVORITE PLACE--for lunch with the girls from our office (my friend Jeannette treated me to lunch--how wonderfully unexpected!), Brent and I had Pei Wei for dinner, and Melissa took me to lunch at the Olive Garden on Saturday. We also wandered around Borders for a while (BLISS--Brent hates bookstores). Thanks for the cards, e-mails and calls--and even the singing. :-) It warms my heart to have such wonderful people around me.

Sophie started TumbleTots class at the YMCA this weekend. We weren't sure what to expect, since parents participate with the kids. They pretty much greeted us and told us to play on the equipment for 30 minutes! Now that we've had a session to get familiar with everything, I think next week will be even more fun. The second picture is of Brent and Sophie in the big foam pit--it's a really deep pit, and Brent was pretty comical when he was trying to get out. It's like quicksand!! I thought I was going to have to send in a life preserver. The last picture is of her teacher giving Sophie a stamp on her hand for a job well done. Cute!

I was getting the boys settled in the living room with bottles, and accidentally left the pantry door open. Sophie helped herself to a jar of peanut butter. Who knew that she knew how to get the lid off?! Peanut butter was EVERYWHERE. Needless to say, I threw away that jar. Don't be afraid of PB&Js from our house. :-)

Sophie has a monogrammed diaper bag (okay, two of them...), but I don't have a personalized diaper bag for the boys (gift idea alert!!). I bought some paint pens and personalized the ones the hospital gave us. I needed something for church and the Y, and I think these will work perfectly!


leann said...

looks like a blast! (next time take a pic of him getting out) Sophie and peanut butter LOVE IT
the kids are growing so much.

Jennifer Gragg said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like you had a great one.

We took Tumble Tots too a year or so ago. Zoe enjoyed it a lot, but we hated having to go there once a week. How terrible is that?! ;-)

Love the fancy work on the diaper bags. Excellent idea. Of course, Sophie's bags are way cuter, but still... Boys diaper bags aren't supposed to be too pretty! ;-) I bet it'll make it easier to locate them at the Y too. Are you getting much excersise time in at Y yourself?

Jen said...

In awe that you make time for the Y! Impressed, party of one! You go girl!

Loved the diaper bags...I wish I was creative like that...but that is why I have Christy for a sister...she is very creative! :-)