Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tooth #6

Graham (aka "Creepie Crawlie"--he's quiet as a mouse and sneaks up on us now) has tooth #6! He's eating two full jars of food at each meal, and likes EVERYTHING. He won't be a picky eater! It's funny to see the differences in the boys...Graham--loves food, lots of teeth, and prefers crawling to being held. Blake--loves his bottles, no teeth, and looooves being snuggled.

When Sophie woke up this morning, she was searching her bed for something. I asked what she was looking for, and she said "Where's my paci?" (not clearly, of course, but in a very cute toddler language). Three words together!

I took Graham to swimming class last night, and he seemed to like it. The water was pretty cool, though. He was getting the concept of kicking his feet by the end of class! I took Blake last week--I'm alternating so they all get the experience!


Jen said...

It's so fun to listen to them make sentences slowly. They then start to seem more like a little girl/boy instead of a baby. :-( Sad and happy at the same time. Go Sophie!

Jennifer Gragg said...

Too cute. I love reading your updates. Enjoy your summer.