Friday, June 6, 2008

It's my birthday!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! I'm 35 today...I can officially run for president of the United States now. Move over candidates--I'm throwing my hat in the ring! Speaking of hats, we went to Burger King to celebrate my birthday with Brent's dad and Pat. Life sure changes when kids come along, don't they?! We used to go to great places like P.F. Chang' I pick restaurants based on play equipment. :-) Here are pictures of the kids in their crowns!

My friends at work had treats here for me this morning, and Ronda brought her dog, Piper! I requested that the party be open to four-legged friends, and my boss graciously obliged. Have I mentioned that this job rocks?! Piper was the perfect guest.

Here are a couple of vidoes that make me laugh--I watch them every time I need a smile. The first is of Brent tickling the kids, and the second is of Sophie dancing in the rain. Enjoy!


leann said...

happy birthday to you! have birthday to you!!!! Left you a message on your cell bright and early this morning

I love you!!

leann said...

oh and now i have 3 months till i am 35 always 3 months when ur b-day rolls around.......DAMN

Jen said...

Happy Belated Bday!

Also, LOVE the videos! Not sure which is which of the boys (comes from not having twins, I'm sure) but the one in the middle cracked me up! What a hysterical giggle! LOVE BABY GIGGLES!