Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It's fun to count your blessings, and I thought I'd share our "Tuesday blessings" with you. Don't get me wrong, life isn't perfect around here--Sophie pooped in the bathtub, Blake just had an accident all over the bouncy chair--but these are a few of the REALLY GOOD things going on in our lives today. :-)

1. My dad is doing great! His greatest complaints are boredom and the outrageous cost of medication--but he feels GOOD.

2. Blake is officially crawling!

3. The boys are sitting next to me holding their own bottles as I write this, while Sophie takes a nap.

4. We've been seeing swarms of bugs with wings on the outside of the house, and the exterminator just stopped by and confirmed that they are NOT termites--just carpenter ants that he sprayed for.

5. The kids went to Summer Play Day at church this morning, allowing me to go to an allergist appointment that lasted over two hours. Brent held my hand as they poked my back with 84 different substances--I'm allergic to a lot of things, but NOT cats! Good news for Heidi and Edge! :-)

6. Jessica brought by dinner for tonight--sloppy joes!

Not too shabby of a list, eh?!

Here are some cute pictures of Sophie and Brent playing in the sprinkler on Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Great news about your dad. I know you are so happy!! I loved all your blessings.........count each and everyone of them for one day they will just be memories.

Patti, Maddie & Heidi Ho

Jennifer Gragg said...

What a nice post. :-)