Monday, June 9, 2008

New Teeth

Happy birthday to three new teeth in the family! Unfortunately...NONE belong to Blake. Sophie has TWO new teeth (#14 & 15--she's got a mouthful!) and Graham has tooth #5!! This one came in on top--that makes 3 top ones. His 4th top one will come in within the next few days, I expect. When will Mr. Blake get his teeth?!

MORE NEWS--Graham started crawling yesterday! He and his teeth are officially on the move. He also prefers solid foods over his bottles, so he'll be eating from a spoon more now. Blake still prefers formula to food, except he did like a beef & vegetable dinner the other day. Maybe he'll be a "meat & potatoes" man??


Jennifer Gragg said...

Yay Graham on the crawling! Poor mama though. ;-) Sounds like they're growing up so fast!

Jen said...

Now they will be into EVERYTHING...muah ha ha! LOL! Just kidding! Congrats to the Graham-mister!
Camden just started cereal and he isn't a huge fan I don't think. He will eat it but not until he gets his formula first! LOL! Picky, picky I tell ya!