Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary Dad & Louise!!!

Dad and Louise are celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary today--HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

We are so sad to see River Festival come to an end! Saturday morning was the Walkfest, and the kids and I walked without Brent since his doctor told him to take it easy. We met up with my friend Vonda and two of her friends, and had a great time! They are the nicest gals--I'm really glad I went. Here we are in our color-coordinated outfits for the walk:

While we were at the walk, Brent's dad came over to mow the grass (Brent "supervised"!)--Thanks, Jerry! I offered to do it for Brent, but thank goodness he didn't take me up on it. :-) After a lunch at Oasis (GREAT burgers and fries), we came back and Sophie played on her outdoor toys:

I worked for a while this morning (trying to make up for all of my missed time lately from Brent's appointments), then we went to a first birthday party for our friends Ian & Teresa's son Joseph. Joey loved the boys and the boys thought he was so funny! Teresa and I decided that Joey is a good babysitter. :-)

We ate grilled burgers and hot dogs, and Sophie played on the playground. The boys rolled around on a quilt and had a picnic of their own.

THEN came cake...a very sleepy Joey did NOT want anything to do with that cake! I wonder if he ate any after his nap? Here he is with his mommy, and if you look really close on the second picture, you'll see a white dot on his tongue. It's a candy decoration stuck to his tongue! Isn't he the cutest?!


Jennifer Gragg said...

Fun! Zoe liked seeing all the "babies" at Riverfest. They're growing up so fast! You're doing a great job mama. :-)