Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doctor again today

***Note: Be sure to scroll down through the last few posts--I posted several days' worth to the blog today!***

I'm taking the boys back to the doctor this morning to check on their breathing. They're still really congested, and are waking up through the night crying. I want her to check their ears for ear infections, and to tell me if I need to start their breathing treatments again. Keep your fingers crossed that Sophie is on good behavior! Brent's working today, so I'm on my own for this outing. I'll edit this post later to add the results of the doctor's appointment.
WOW--NOT a good doctor's appointment. I went in thinking she'd check their ears and listen to their chests, and they ended up with 4 shots each, chest x-rays and blood drawn from both arms (they had trouble finding their itty bitty veins in their itty bitty arms!). I felt awful for them--they were NOT happy guys. The doctor is checking for milk & soy allergies, along with some other allergies. They're also back on breathing treatments. She prescribed another medicine to use in their nebulizer, on top of the one they were already taking. They weren't fans of the breathing treatments to begin with, and are really unhappy sitting through two in a row! I'm anxious to get the results of the x-rays and blood work. I'll let you know.


Jennifer Gragg said...

Yikes. You poor mama! Hope they're doing better soon. Happy Mother's Day to you!

Jen said...

Poor babies...It's hard to see them not at their 100% best! I hope they are feeling better soon and off the treatments!

Jen said...

I'm anxious for you now too! Any results yet?