Thursday, May 8, 2008

EJ / Trip to the Greenhouse

Our friend Roger lost his mom this week. EJ was a wonderful person who was always very kind to me and my family. Our condolences to Roger, Kelly, Brandon & Aaron--I know this has been a hard week. The funeral is tomorrow at the Botanica. (***note added on Friday--the service was BEAUTIFUL. It was an outdoor service, and the weather was perfect. The minister had a great message about EJ's stamina and endurance, and encouraged others to tell stories about EJ's life. EJ's motto was "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade", so they had lemonade and root beer floats after the service! It was a neat way to celebrate her life and end the gathering on a celebratory note.***)

We went to Little River Greenhouse (Becky & Jim's) to get a plant for Roger. Sophie behaved really well! She's become quite the "kissing bandit", though. A little boy came in the door, and she ran over to him and tried to give him a kiss. :-) I wish I had taken my camera with me--the plants at the greenhouse are so pretty. I'll remember it on our next trip.