Sunday, May 4, 2008

Don't feed the animals...

Sophie was "helping" put the boys to bed--Graham was peeking over the bumper pad at her, so she'd pull it down so he could see her more easily. It was sweet to watch them smile at each other! Blake was too busy spinning in circles to notice the happenings with his crib neighbor. They are such busy boys!

Graham has ANOTHER tooth! For those of you keeping score, that's Graham: 4, Blake: 0. Sophie and Blake are so similar, and Sophie didn't get her first tooth until really late. Apparently Blake is following in sister's footsteps!

We got to see Teresa and her boys today--I should have taken a picture of all of them together! Sophie loved having the boys around, Jacob is awesome at entertaining her. With two little siblings of his own, he's had lots of practice!

We had our frozen supper club exchange tonight. Have I explained what that is? Each of us makes several casseroles, then we get together once a month and exchange them. That way we all have a variety of meals to have in our freezers to cook throughout the month. I love this--it is such a lifesaver for busy schedules!

I just learned of a consignment sale in town that's coming up at the end of July. It's Mulberry Bush Consignment, and my friend Joanna operates it. They consign all seasons of clothing (since all of us moms are always shopping for seasons ahead!). If you're interested, the website is I told her I'd spread the word. :-)

Happy Monday!


leann said...

SO sweet i am sure Sophie is a huge help a little mother hen, Humm i had one of those once now she is 12 going on 25