Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy GratiTuesday!

WOW--what a week! We are thankful for a LOT this week:

  1. Thank you God for giving me the courage to talk to our MAPS group on Thursday and Friday without dying of nerves! I'm NOT a public speaker, but it went pretty well and I hope the ladies walked away with something helpful. Thank you to my friends who encouraged me during the weeks leading up to this talk, and especially the kind words afterward. :-)
  2. Graham got his cast off yesterday! Brent's work schedule allowed him to go to the appointment with us, and we were all excited that Graham came home WITHOUT his cast. Last night's bath night was MUCH smoother and easier. It feels like he's had that cast on forever!
  3. We are so thankful that we're healthy so far! We had a cough/sore throat thing running through the house last week, but it didn't develop into anything bad. The kids are in nursery at church a lot, so I'm sure our time is coming to get the flu, but so far so good.
  4. Sophie is really getting the hang of her gymnastics class! Last night was the best so far--she stayed on task the whole night and really listened to her teachers. (*Side note...I was helping Sophie practice her forward rolls at home, and threw my neck out. How pathetic! I'm feeling old beyond my years!*)
  5. I'm ALMOST done painting the kitchen, and Dad is coming this week to help Brent do some electrical work...YAY for getting some projects finished up!


Jen said...

What a great list! Sorry about your neck...there is much to be said about those gymnasts' and what they do to make it look effortless!!