Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy GratiTuesday!

Happy GratiTuesday! Here they are for this week:

  1. One of the dressers fell over in the boys' room yesterday afternoon. THANK GOD one of the doors on the beds was open, because it caught the dresser without crushing one of the boys. Praise God!!!! Brent bolted the dressers to the wall this morning.
  2. My friend Melissa N. was in need of a crib, and because Johnny & Amy generously handed down their crib to us, we had one to pass along to Melissa. It's great to see that two families who have never met are now connected in a "pay-it-forward" kind of way.
  3. Our friend Melissa S. went to the doctor for pains in her chest/back. After a day of extensive testing and missed work, the relief we all felt knowing it was NOT her heart was priceless.
  4. I had an appointment with a specialist last week to check out some lumps in my lymph nodes. Given our family history of leukemia, I lost a LOT of sleep over this in the past few weeks. The doctor was able to put my mind at ease some, and will monitor them in the months ahead. Two ladies from church went to my appointment with me while another stayed at the house with the kids. I didn't even have to ask...they just came. Since there were only about 10 people in the world that knew I had this appointment, that's a pretty significant number! How great is THAT??
  5. Around 11pm one night, Brent noticed water on the floor near the (*possessed*) refrigerator. He opened the freezer door and water was pouring out. Apparently the (*possessed*) ice maker had jammed up and it didn't know when to stop filling the tray. I am VERY lucky that this didn't happen when he was working! I would NOT have known what to do. He got it fixed and we'll wait for the next freakish thing to happen to this refrigerator. We're considering an appliance exorcism.
  6. I'm almost ready for my talks at MAPS this week! I'm talking on "Stretching the Budget" on Thursday and Friday. Two of my MAPS friends came over this afternoon to help me finalize things!


Christy said...

Thanking God for your mind at ease re: your appointment! I say we keep positive prayers and thoughts for the months to come!! God is good!