Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy GratiTuesday!

MERCY ME--this week went by at lightening speed. Watch the blog for daily posts this week, though, with lots of pictures of the kids and updates on their latest happenings (including the gymnastics and birthday photos that I've been promising)!

This has been a stressful week, and we're really counting our blessings:

  1. Suzy at work brought in some beautiful herbs from her garden, and this was my portion to bring home! What a treat! I snipped and added those herbs to everything--it was probably the most creative (and delicious) cooking I've done in a while!

  2. My friend Melissa N. brought a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers to my house after a particularly bad day. She also had a massage appointment scheduled for herself that she passed on to me. I AM INCREDIBLY LUCKY FOR FRIENDS LIKE HER!

  3. My friend (and fellow Twilight fanatic) Christy burned me a GREAT CD of the Twilight music! I'm loving it!! This couldn't have arrived on a better day--it was great to have FUN mail greet me in the mailbox.

  4. Graham's appointment with the doctor went well, and the doctor was pleased with the way the bone is healing. He still wants Graham in the cast for another couple of weeks, but he's allowing us to remove it for baths. This makes our lives MUCH easier and Graham MUCH happier!!
  5. The first night I took Graham's cast off for a bath, I was wondering how to get it back on by myself (Brent was working). At that exact moment, my friend Sharon unexpectedly showed up on my porch with chocolate, Coke and a helping hand! God is good, isn't he?!
  6. A very tired, post-work shift Brent just added "I'm grateful to be home..." He's a man of few words tonight. :-)


Jen said...

Awww...I loved this post. It made me giddy and thankful to know you. You are truly one of THE nicest people I have EVER met. TRULY.

Christy said...

SOOOOO glad you liked the CD! It IS an essential component to any Twilighter's collection! ;-) I was serious about having u join Jen and me for our New Moon day out! :-)