Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy GratiTuesday!

Since our possessed refrigerator isn't working AGAIN, I thought I needed to sit down and type out a GratiTuesday list right away:

  1. Dad and Brent did some troubleshooting over the phone about the refrigerator, and think they've figured out the problem. Hopefully Brent will be able to get the part tomorrow and crutch it along for a while longer!
  2. Zip 'n Steam bags by Ziploc--these are awesome! On days I work, getting a healthy dinner on the table isn't such a challenge now. Last night I washed some potatoes, cubed them (skin on), tossed them in the bag with a little seasoned salt (no butter/oil necessary!), and....voila! 7 minutes later the kids had a healthy side dish the perfect size for little hands!
  3. There was a lady at Sam's Club the other day who was parked next to me. We were visiting as we were loading our cars, and she came over to help me unload the rest of my basket and take my cart to the cart corral. God sends the nicest people on rough days, doesn't He?!
  4. The patience of the gymnastics teachers at Sophie's tumbling class! She's had two sessions so far, and the teachers are wonderful. Sophie is the youngest person in the class, and she has...ummm...a little problem staying in line and following directions. She's a bit of a free spirit! They haven't kicked us out of class yet, though, so for that I'm grateful. :-) Kelly, Brent and I got a kick out of them last night, because the teachers had to ask each of the other kids their names, but they KNEW Sophie's name. I'll post pictures soon!