Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy GratiTuesday!

What a week. It's weeks like these that I really need to sit back and take inventory of blessings! Here they are:

1. The kids had a very musical holiday weekend! Grandma & Grandpa Schuler brought a guitar, harmonicas and a drum for the kids' birthday gifts (see the first picture of them sporting their new jean jackets and Elmo slippers!), then we were invited to a cookout on Sunday night where they got to play on a full-sized drum set (see pictures 2, 3 & 4)!

2. My friend Laura showed up during the kids' naptime on Sunday and brought Diet Cokes and candy bars. I've decided that a couple of hours kicked back on the couch with a friend (plus chocolate) is the equivalent of many, many hours on a therapist's couch. Her timing couldn't have been more perfect.

3. Brent was off work Monday to spend the day with us! We spent the day at the zoo!

4. Kelly and Roger returned from San Diego safely, where they spent the weekend celebrating their oldest son Brandon's wedding on the beach! They welcomed their newest addition to the family, Meghann. We're looking forward to the reception to hear all of the fun details!

On a LESS fun note, today was the boys' 2-year checkup at the doctor, and they each got THREE shots. Sophie got one, too, which was unexpected. (Flu shots for all.) Brent had a doctor's appointment of his own, so it was just me and three VERY unhappy toddlers. ALL of us needed a nap after that debacle! They seem to be feeling ok tonight, though, and don't appear to be too sore.

Pictures from the weekend:

I've spent years trying to convince Brent that we don't need a drum set, but maybe now...we do??


Jen said...

Those are some stylish kiddos you got there Jennie! Too cute!

Christy said...

I wish we lived closer together! I'd stop in to see you too! :-) Miss you!!!