Saturday, September 26, 2009


The boys have almost mastered climbing out of their cribs, so it was time to move them into big boy beds. (Are they REALLY this big already?! Where did the time go??) Brent had some good help putting them together:

Putting them to bed:

They did remarkably well for the first night! I'm guessing that will change once they get a little more confident getting in and out of bed! We went into their room right away when we heard them stirring this morning, and this is how we found them. Still in their own beds, at least!


Jennifer Gragg said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love the adorable beds! Are they Little Tykes beds? Looks like that kind of plastic-like stuff? Totally adorable. I hope they continue to sleep well for ya!

Christy said...

I love the blankets too! Who made them?! So cute!!!

Jen said...

So cute...and so big! Love it!