Friday, October 24, 2008

Thyroid Sonogram

I had my thyroid sonogram yesterday afternoon, and she wouldn't tell me if she saw anything. Apparently the radiologist will send it to my primary doctor, who will then send it to the surgeon. Good grief! I don't think she found anything, though, because she didn't take a lot of measurements and it was over pretty quickly. Then why do I feel like there's a lump in my throat??

Big day tomorrow--Kelly and I have Dream Dinners in the morning, then the kids have their pictures taken in the afternoon. I hope the kids are on their best "photo-taking" behavior! We're starting them off in their birthday (Elmo) outfits, then changing them into their Halloween outfits. I'm finishing up Sophie's wings and tutu tonight. They're all going to be bumblebees--I bought the boys' outfits, and Sophie will be in a leotard and tights along with her tutu and wings. I thought about trying to make their entire costumes from scratch, and I'm SO glad I didn't. Where does the time go?! I need more hours in the day!