Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No, I'm NOT pregnant!

To answer yesterday's "two truths and a lie" quiz...I AM NOT PREGNANT. :-) Seriously, news like that would give my husband and my dad simultaneous heart attacks, and then where would I be?!

1. TRUTH--Dad and I both went skydiving several years ago, that was his Father's Day present one year. It was AWESOME, I recommend trying it if you haven't!! We did tandem jumps (where we were both strapped to an instructor), and it was the greatest thing. We didn't have to worry about when to pull the cord or anything--we got to really experience the whole thing.
2. LIE--Not pregnant. :-) Don't get me wrong--I would love, love, love to have more kids, but pesky things like a mortgage and car payments stand in my way. I'm telling you, if I could wipe those debts away I'd have a couple more babies! That's why I need to win the lottery...but I don't play the lottery... I make a pretty mean chocolate chip cookie--how many bake sales would it take to pay off a mortgage?! Ha!!
3. TRUTH--Our first dog's name was Champ, and he was a German Shepherd. Our next dog's name was Toby, and he was a poodle/schnauzer mix.

Thank you to anyone who was actually excited about the possibility of us being pregnant! It counter-balances the NOT so supportive e-mails and phone calls I got that questioned my need for a lobotomy. :-)