Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Perfect Fall weather!

Today is my friend Jeannette's birthday! Happy birthday Jeannette!

The weather is perfect today! Sunny and 55 degrees right now. Here's a picture of the tree in our front yard--we've enjoyed watching it change colors.

This picture cracks me up--it's Blake with his Elmo trick-or-treat bucket. This was taken before we went trick-or-treating Sunday night, so the bucket was completely empty. It was like he KNEW good things were coming from that bucket!

The thyroid sonogram results came back fine, so we still don't know what's causing my phantom symptoms. Grrrr!!

At Bible study this morning we played a game at our brunch table called "two truths and a lie", where you list three things, one being a lie and two being truths. Can you tell which of these is the lie? I'll post the answer tomorrow:

1. I've been skydiving.
2. I'm pregnant.
3. My first pet's name was Champ.


Christy said...

OH... MY... GOSH!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

It better be #2

Jen said...

DO YOU HAVE SOME AWESOME HALLOWEEN NEWS FOR US ALL?!?! LOL! P.S. My word verification that I had to type in to leave this message was this: urinedn

So it could be a sign that you had to use your urine for something special??? Can't wait to hear the truth!!

leann said...

well i am going to ask mom if u ever had a "champ" then i will no the answer.
i dont feel good today please dont give me a heartattack today

love and miss you

Jen said...

Oh well, it was a fun guessing game! LOL! You got us going! :-) Oh and you remember tons of peoples birthdays...and I swear that everytime I come on here somebody else you know is celebrating their bday! haha! Fun times!