Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And the winner is...

WOW. If there was an award for "Worst Upkeep of a Blog", I'd win by a landslide. Want to hear my excuse? Without our laptop (may it rest in peace), I have to go to the cold basement to use the computer. Clothing I'm selling in an upcoming consignment sale is spread out on the table down there, so I'm avoiding taking the kids downstairs for right now. So the kids stay upstairs. And I stay upstairs. And the blog remains updated. (I didn't say it was a GOOD excuse.)

Here are some random tidbits about life in the Stiles household:

  1. Brent camped out at Spangles AGAIN last night to be one of the first 100 customers at their new location (this time in Derby). He took a small tent, blankets and a sleeping bag and said he stayed surprisingly warm. He succeeded--he won a free meal per week for a year! His "winnings" from the last campout last for another 6 months, so for 6 months he'll eat TWO meals per week. The kids and I took pizza up for dinner last night, and I have cute pictures of his "campground." I PINKY SWEAR THAT I'LL HAVE PICTURES POSTED IN THE NEXT 48 HOURS. (Sorry for the caps--I was yelling that at my reflection in the mirror. I'm hoping to motivate myself.)
  2. Kelly took the kids and I to see Elmo at the new arena. It was a fantastic performance, and the kids LOVED it. Our seats couldn't have been better!! Kelly rocks. I have great pictures of this that I'll post, too.
  3. We're losing our main babysitter in May when she graduates, and I'm sick about it. I'm on the search for some great sitters for the summer!
  4. The prayer we say at mealtime is: "Thank You for the world so sweet, thank You for the food we eat. Thank You for the birds that sing, thank You God for everything." As we were driving the other day, Sophie said "Look Mommy! I see the birds that sing!!" Then she whispered to herself "Thank You for the birds that sing, thank You God for everything." I melted!!

More soon. I SWEAR.


Christy said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww! I loved this post!

Jen said...

Welcome back! I loved this post! So sweet!