Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We're baaaaaack!!!

Hellooooooo from our house! It feels like we've been gone a while!

I have to be honest, I've been trying to decide what to do about our blog. I love blogging and love reading other people's blogs, but I struggle with finding something "fun and happy, light and bubbly" to post about every day, at least that anyone else would find worth reading. Then it hit me: I can STOP trying to make every post into a Holly Hobby snapshot of our day! Simple, isn't it?! Nothing drives me more crazy than the first five minutes of "fluff" conversation with an old friend before you get to the nitty gritty. The five minutes of "Life is great! The kids are great! Everything's great!" before the facade dissolves and you get the real story. I've let our blog become that five minutes.

So...from now on, as I continue to chronicle the day-to-day milestones of three silly toddlers, you'll also be subjected to the hodge-podge of things that make up our daily lives: trying to teach our kids about God, getting grounded in church, potty training, work stresses and cutbacks, tackling finances with Dave Ramsey, and learning to live within a very restrictive budget.

If you're in, I'm in. I'm ALL in.


Jennifer Gragg said...

Love it. Just be real; that's what people really wanna hear! :-)Nice to have you back! And I would love the recipes for your soaps & such. Any tips on living more frugally would be appreciated too. We're always super tight as well.