Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday afternoon

Aunt Judy responded to the birthday post from yesterday: "You and LeAnn have made me what I am today, old and haggard." HA!!! We are definitely the reason for some of her gray hairs, for sure! I can't take credit for her *sparkling* personality, though! (For those of you who haven't met my Aunt Judy, she IS the Maxine character from Hallmark!) :-)

I took the kids to Urgent Care this afternoon to have Graham's ears checked out. At our doctor's appt. last week she mentioned that one of his eardrums was concave, and would likely turn into an ear infection. Since our insurance changes Jan. 1 and I have to work all week, I took him over there for a peek at his ears today. Verdict: Double ear infection...AGAIN. He's on another round of antibiotics.

I have a pair of athletic pants that I love--they're the slick material kind that have a mesh lining. They're so well-loved that a hole has worn next to one of the pockets. I tell you that to tell you this... As I was unloading the kids at the doctor's office, I dropped my keys into what I thought was my pocket. I realized that it wasn't my pocket when my keys slid all the way down to my ankles, trapped between the layers of material in my pants. I stood in the parking lot for a while trying to decide how to MacGyver their rescue, then finally ripped the original hole bigger and was able to reach DOWN through the opening after them. I'm sure THAT looked suave. Now I have a sewing project to do...


Christy said...

OK... that MacGyver-keys-in-the-pants-rescue story made me laugh until my eyes watered! OMG FUNNY! I can so picture that in my head! If I'd have been there I may have peed my pants! ROFL!! Miss u!