Saturday, December 13, 2008


We wish we could spend the day with you! We love you!! We'll see you soon!! Sophie learned how to sing "Happy Birthday" last night...enjoy. :-) Click on the play button below the video.

To anyone wondering about the glasses...Dad would pick me up from Junior High wearing these glasses. TALK ABOUT EMBARRASSING!!!


leann said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Jen said...

TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! I remember when Decovin learned to sing Happy Bday and ironically it was on MY dad's bday as well! Oh and the glasses, HYSTERICAL! Love how you framed it!! What program do you use to do that in?!

The five of us: Brent, Jennifer, Sophie, Blake & Graham said...

Hey Jen! The website I use is I love that site! Our babysitter uses it and has done some great pics of the kids. I'll post some of them on here for you to see. Play around with the picnik site--it's addictive!