Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Judy!


I wonder what the kids and grandkids have in store for you today? I wish I was there to torment, I mean celebrate with! In honor of your birthday, I'm making salmon patties for my household tonight for dinner. If Sophie was older, I might take her to Sears for a traumatizingly embarrassing bra shopping trip, or I'd loudly listen to oldies music while dropping her off at school. Sigh...she's lucky she's so young...she has no idea what I have in store for her later in life... Experiences like that build character, I say!!!

Now...where did I leave my Alba 77 shake? LeAnn and I might come and have a sleepover at your house tonight for old time's sake...we're going to ask you to drop us off at the mall for a while, though. And run us through Sonic. We'd eat a chocolate Pop Tart to tide us over, but they're Uncle Leroy's. But first we need to make a few phone calls...


leann said...

hahahaha you had be crying i was laughing so hard!! so true so true