Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy, Tuesday!

I started this post yesterday, but had trouble uploading the pictures. So--Happy Tuesday to you! These are some random photos that I've taken over the weekend. Remember how I told you that Sophie is so obedient in her new toddler bed, and doesn't get out? Here's Sleeping Beauty with all of the contraband toys that she smuggled into bed during naptime...

She also continues in her love of photography, and here are her latest photos. (Maybe this is why my camera only works about 25% of the time???)

Here's a picture of Graham, the big stander! He is getting so good with his balance. I actually got his shirt off last night for bathtime while he was standing, and he could hold his balance.
Bible study started this morning, and it was great to get back together with everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Sophie takes great pictures.!!! they are getting so big hard to believe the boys will be 1...gosh how time flies

Jen said...

I love contraband toys! Decovin does it everyday and night! :-) Hey, if they sleep...who cares?! haha!

I love the sink photos...maybe she will be into modern art when she gets older...a younger (and much cuter I might add) Andy Warhol?!

Christy said...

Gotta love the Rainman photos... it's so funny to see the world from their perspective! ROFL