Friday, September 12, 2008

Sophie's first trip to the ER

I was getting the kids ready for baths on Wednesday night, and had Blake undressed and in the tub. I was undressing Graham when Sophie tried to reach into the tub to splash Blake. She had stepped up onto the training potty (that sits on the floor), and it slipped out from under her and she split her chin open on the side of the tub. She was understandably hysterical, and blood was everywhere--it's unbelievable how much blood can come from such a small child!

Since it would be under five stitches, they gave me the option of glue vs. stitches. I chose glue, and hope I made the right decision. I remember when I babysat in high school/college, almost all of the moms had a plastic surgeon on their list of emergency contacts in case one of the kids got an injury requiring stitches (especially on the face). I hadn't thought about that until we were sitting in the ER. I'd love for other moms to chime in on this--do you have a plastic surgeon to contact in case of an emergency?

Sophie was too funny in the ER--she kept singing "He's got the whole world in His hands" to anyone who would listen. A set of twin baby girls came into the ER after we got there, and they were both screaming. She kept telling them "It's ok, Blake! It's ok, Graham!" and couldn't understand why "her" babies were wearing earrings. :-)

Our friend Roger came over to watch the boys while I took Sophie to the ER. Kelly joked that Roger probably hasn't changed a diaper in 20 years, and I left him with a naked baby (still in the tub) and one crawling the floor. Kelly came to relieve Roger after she finished bowling, and Brent got home from work shortly afterward. Roger's awesome to have during a stressful time--he's Mr. "cool-as a cucumber"!!


Jennifer Gragg said...

Oh my goodness. How terrifying! So glad she'd ok & glad you have such great friends who can run over to watch your other kids for you. I pictured you sitting there in the ER waiting room with all 3 kids (one naked from the tub, of course). :-) You should post pics of her purdy chin now!

Jen said...

HOLY COW! That is a fear of every mom's I suppose...the falling and splitting of any body part! YEOUCH! Glad she was able to sing and stay calm at the ER. ER is no did you get to the ER? Did you call and ambulence or buckle her in and drive? What did you do about the bleeding on the way to the ER if that was the many things you don't think about until it happens to someone else!
Glad you had a neighbor to help! I would have to tote both mine with b/c I don't know anyone yet. YIKES!
Oh and I have never thought about having a plastic surgeon on hand for husband would think I was crazy and say they're boys, it's a battle wound! Ugh! Men! LOL!
Glad everyone is ok! Including your neighbor!! :-)

The five of us: Brent, Jennifer, Sophie, Blake & Graham said...

I took some pictures--I'll post them later! Yes, I was worried that I was going to have to take all three of them. That would have been awful, because we were there FOREVER.

I drove her myself, and put a washcloth on her chin. I tied it on there with a cloth headband and told her not to touch it--which she unbelievably OBEYED! I swear, this kid is awesome!

Christy said...

Glad all is well!!