Thursday, April 3, 2008

Two teeth...a hot water heater...and a puppy. Oh my!

Here we are! Sorry it's been a while since our last post! Where does the time go?? GRAHAM GOT HIS TWO BOTTOM TEETH! Blake is working on his, but no teeth yet.

Our hot water heater pooped out on us this week. It started acting up one morning (limited hot water, etc.), and Brent just happened to go into the furnace room to check the size of it so we could price new ones online. Lo and behold--water was running down the outside of it. We are so lucky that he checked it, or it would have been a big mess! We called Dad, and he picked up a tank and drove 3 hours to rescue us. Here is a picture to symbolize Dad...coming to save the day! Brent and I both commented on where we'd be without his help!!

Here's a picture of Dad & Graham. I didn't take many pictures this time since the guys were so busy with the water tank. Graham just smiled and smiled at Grandpa!

You'll be happy to know that I fed Dad a little better this time (if you recall, last time he was here we ate take-out the whole time!). We had manicotti for dinner, applesauce cake for dessert and broccoli quiche and biscuits for breakfast. Pretty great, eh?! I can't take credit for any of it, though--Jessica brought the manicotti, Lucille (our neighbor) made the cake and one of the girls in my frozen supper club made the quiche. It was all wonderful! One of these days I'll cook again?!
Now for the puppy...NO it's not ours. :-) Kelly and Roger have a new Boxer puppy named Danika ("Dani"). She is PRECIOUS! The first picture is of Roger with his new pride and joy! The second is of Dani asleep in his lap. Sophie wasn't quite sure what to think of Dani--Dani was trying to get Sophie to play with her! She'd romp around and bark a tiny puppy bark. Sophie warmed up pretty quick, though, and was trying to kiss Dani by the time they left.
Doesn't it make you want a puppy?? I'd love to have a dog someday, but right now we have three non-potty-trained critters as it is. If I start wanting a puppy too bad, I'll leave the babies all bare-bottomed for the day to remind myself what it's like to clean up after a potty-training puppy! :-) That should help squelch the desire for one??


Jennifer Gragg said...

LOL! I thought you were insane for getting a new puppy with three kiddos in diapers! :-)

Nice to see you yesterday, even if we didn't have much time for chatting & catching up. I'd really love to get the girls together for a playdate ASAP! I haven't seen the boy's since they were infants & Sophie was barely walking last time! :-\ Let me know when would be a good time! We'd love to have you over, come over to your house, or meet at the park; whatever works for you!

Leann said...

glad u are back...missed u.
sophie needs a puppy :) (tell her to call me i will talk to her about it)
i love it when she calls she laughs and laughs cracks me up.

miss u guys hope to see u soon