Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sick babies

These poor boys have been sick for almost two weeks now. Blake and Graham are now on breathing treatments to help with their wheezing, and Sophie has a cough, too. My doctor gave me steroids and antibiotics to see if that will help my cough, but I think we've just picked up yet ANOTHER nasty virus! Other than the cough, you wouldn't know they're sick--they're all happy as can be! Here are some cute pictures of the boys doing their breathing treatments:

The mask they're wearing is a little fish face. It has eyes and orange fins on the side. The blue string is the elastic that goes around their head to help it stay on. The treatment only takes about seven minutes, but sometimes it's a LONG seven minutes! They do pretty well with it as long as I'm rocking and entertaining them.

Here's a cute picture of Sophie playing in the yard as an added bonus. :-)


Jennifer Gragg said...

Poor guys! Hope they're doing much better soon!

Leann said...

hope they are feeling better soon....bless their heart. kiss them for me.

tell Sophie to give me a call.

love u

Jen said...

I feel your pain! Camden was hospitalized with RSV and ended up having to have breathing treatments...his was a dinosaur though instead of a fish. :-)