Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blake & Graham's first eye doctor appointment

Brent's sister (Aunt Becky) works for an eye doctor, and their vision group does free eye exams for children under 1. (Isn't it amazing that doctors can check things like vision and hearing on children that young??) So, the boys had their very first eye exam this week! These are pictures of Dr. Taylor checking the boys...notice Sophie watching over Blake's shoulder. :-)

She didn't even have to take them out of the stroller! It was like a "drive-thru" appointment! Ha! Dr. Taylor was awesome--she's amazing with the kids, and we'll be seeing her again when Sophie is 3 for another checkup. An embarrassing "mommy" confession--she had finished their exam when I realized I hadn't taken any pictures...she put the equipment back on and "posed" for these pictures. I am a complete geek, I know--but I got cute pictures, didn't I?! Dr. Taylor said she does a lot of picture posing for moms, so I didn't feel so bad. (I shouldn't have admitted that...Becky will never let us come back to see one of their doctors again!!)

Did everyone watch the KU game last night?! ROCK CHALK!! My brother John lives in Memphis, so I'm wondering where his loyalties lie for the final game on Monday. Maybe we should put a friendly wager on this game???


leann said...

Looks like the boys behaved well!
Is Sophie the "mother hen"?

I am so excited that we can see eachother this weekend!!! Sophie and I can have a chat and i can love on them all!!!
talk to u soon