Tuesday, May 11, 2010

GratiTuesday (& pictures!)

First things first, here's my GratiTuesday list for this week:

  1. The weather was great for our garage sale last Thursday! Caryn came over and kept us company while we juggled the kids for the day. We didn't have nearly as much stuff as we have in years past, but it was nice to make some extra room in the garage and closets. We were able to sell almost everything by the afternoon, so I'd call it a success!
  2. It's RIVER FESTIVAL time in Wichita! We LOVE this time of year--a parade, two walking events, lots of fun events for the kids, and fireworks. We got to watch the parade with Kelly, Melissa and Sue on Friday night--it was kind of chilly, but fun! We walked in the River Run last Saturday, then had a picnic lunch by the river while we watched a jet ski competition. It was a great day! We have the Walkfest this Saturday, then more events by the river and hopefully the fireworks Saturday night.
  3. Brent and the kids helped plant a vegetable garden for me for my Mother's Day gift! Brent has moved tons of rock, soil, cages and mulch this week, and has the blisters to prove it!! The garden looks GREAT--I'll post pictures of the finished project soon. (Now if I can just keep the rabbits from eating the plants...any suggestions??)

Now for pictures! Here the kids are waiting patiently for the River Run to start:

With Clifford and Arthur at the KPTS tent after the race (Blake's face is priceless here). Sophie LOVES Clifford and has been talking about meeting him all week. Where is she in this picture? AS FAR AWAY FROM CLIFFORD AS SHE COULD GET.

Our picnic lunch by the river:

Sophie had a birthday party later that afternoon, and needed to wear a costume. Doesn't she make a sassy cowgirl? I love her smile in this picture--she's a happy little thing:

The garden worker bees!!


I'll post more River Festival pictures during the week!