Thursday, February 11, 2010

What will $218 buy??

$218 at your local pharmacy will buy you 3 TEENY TINY bottles of antibiotic eyedrops to treat 3 cases of pink eye! Woo hoo! ('s with a great sense of nostalgia that I recall a day when our insurance was much, much better and this kind of thing didn't come directly out of our pocket...sigh...)

Picture of one of Graham's eyes...the picture doesn't do it doesn't do it justice, but you get the point:

They've all had three doses in each eye today, and it seems to be helping already. Poor Graham's eyes are the worst, I feel awful for him. He's such a trooper, though. The doctor said they could be around other people within 24 hours of taking their first dose, so that's a big praise--otherwise I would have had to stay home from work tomorrow with them. (Side note to our babysitters: If they infected you earlier this week before we knew about it, I will feel AWFUL and will gladly pay for your prescription...and make you food...and clean your houses...and do your homework...!)

Today was MAPS at church, and I stayed up late last night making food for brunch (and also finishing sewing sequins and beads on a shirt for Sophie so she could be dressed in "Valentine's style"...). Such a bummer that we couldn't go! Here are pictures of the cute cookies I decorated, though. (Remember the cookie decorating class Melissa and I took a while back?? I'm finally getting the chance to practice!):

...and a couple of shots of Sophie's glittery shirt:

Please pretend to be impressed. It would be REALLY great for my ego.


Jen said...

Um, no need to pretend! Those are AMAZING! You are SO crafty! The cookies are awesome! Sorry your kids did end up with Pink Eye...stink. :-( We are taking D into doc today as he has been complaining of his ears hurting. :-( Sick kids=No Fun!

Karie said...

Seriously - Do you ever sleep? The cookies are beautiful and the shirt is amazing. But....I do think you're crazy sometimes! :-)


Tina said...

You crack me up... I would be such a mess if I tried to do all you do. I'm proud of you, wonder woman!

Christy said...

You are SUPERWOMAN! :) LOVE the shirt! How talented you are! Hope the eyes heal quickly! Miss you!

Jen said...

I guess the kids wanted to REALLY celebrate Valentines and stick with a theme of "Pink" colors. :-( Hope they are feeling better and on the mend now! D did have an ear infection but is on antibiotics and doing much better. Cam is still coughing a lot but I'm sure it will slow down soon. :-)

Judy said...

When I first saw the picture of the meds I thought it said Viagra. Well my old eyes aren't what they used to be. Love to all.

The five of us: Brent, Jennifer, Sophie, Blake & Graham said...

Haaa--Viagra! Aunt Judy, put your glasses on!! :-)