Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Happy GratiTuesday! Things we are grateful for this week:

  1. My friend has been going through an ordeal settling her dad's estate. It's been an awful two-year battle that is finally coming to a close. I can almost see the weight being lifted from her shoulders. Praise God!
  2. Sophie had the stomach flu last week and the boys didn't get it.
  3. Someone shoveled our driveway yesterday! Brent was ecstatic!! We have no idea who it was... Thank you anonymous friend!
  4. I've been waiting for overalls to go on sale so I could get some for the boys (because, really, is there anything cuter than little boys in overalls??). Apparently they clearanced them at the Target stores and sold completely out. "Something" told me to walk through the little girl section, and lo and behold...TWO 2T overalls with $11 clearance tags were stuffed between some little girl sweaters. They were the only two I found, and they were exactly what we wanted. NOT coincidence. :-)
  5. My co-worker keeps the birdfeeder full outside of our office window, so we're always in the company of squirrels and birds.
  6. A new entertainment place opened in Wichita--it's a huge building full of inflatable bounce houses (moonwalks). The kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! We bought a punch card, so all 5 of us got in for $12!! Blake was hesitant at first, but we finally tossed him onto one and he was hooked. They bounced until they were panting and red-faced. Brent even went on some with the kids--pictures coming soon!
  7. Our MAPS group was lucky to have Gracia Burnham speak last week (she is the missionary who was taken hostage with her husband for over a year, then lost her husband in the same gun battle that saved her). She spoke about "hope" vs. "wishful thinking" and it was incredible.
  8. My friend Melissa transferred to a new job with her company and loves it! Better yet, one of her best friends that she's known since kindergarten has accepted a job in the same office and will start next week.