Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm finally updating the blog!

My goal is to get back into the swing of blogging this week! Dad is usually the one getting after me about posting pictures, but now he gets to see the kids when we call him on Skype (web video calls) and I've gotten a little lax in posting here! Sophie seems to think that every night after they take baths it's time to go downstairs and "talk to Geempa." I'll have to post some pictures of them in their bathrobes so you can see what Dad and Louise see--pretty cute stuff!

Here are some pictures of our friend Ryan's 2nd (Mickey Mouse!) birthday party last weekend:

Aren't these bear hats the cutest?? I got them on, which is a shopping site made up of only handmade items. Sophie has an "upsy-daisy" hat that has a stem coming out of the top--I'll try to snap a picture of her in it. If you like handmade stuff, check it out!
Graham had an appointment with an ear, nose & throat specialist on Friday, and it looks like he's definitely getting tubes in his ears. The doctor said the fluid buildup is like listening through heavy duty earplugs that simulate a hearing loss of 30 decibels. Blake talks all the time, but Graham only has a few words. The doctor assures me that his language will skyrocket after the tubes, so we're anxious to see! I'm waiting on a call from the doctor today to schedule the procedure.
Super Bowl snacks galore at our house last night! Brent requested a spread of snack-y stuff, so I made nachos, 7-layer bean dip, BBQ lil' smokies, sub sandwiches and a buffalo chicken dip (I'll post the recipe soon--if you're a buffalo chicken fan I bet you'll like it!).


Jen said...

This is what I am fearing for Camden (the tubes)...he hasn't said any words yet and should have one word of something by the age of one??? So the doc says he will check him again in 3 months...I'm thinking 3 months is a long time to wait to see if he may or may not need them...I may sneak in earlier just to get him checked...I would hate the thought of not hearing normal!!!