Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Brent is working this weekend, so no flowers and fancy dinners for us tonight. I hope everyone else is having a romantic day, though! Brent brought breakfast home for us, and the kids all got a balloon. Balloons are a big hit around here! Blake likes to carry all three around with him, and this is the only glimpse I can get of him:
The kids and I had a "love-ly" lunch of heart-shaped PB&Js:
Kelly came over and brought the kids Valentine's Day goodies. They each got a cute new sippy cup and lots of candy:
We got some Valentine's Day cards in the mail from Dad/Louise and Aunt Kris/Uncle Gary--the kids get to open those after their naps!

Earlier this week Sophie and Ellyott decorated Valentine cookies:

The girls like "testing (tasting??)" the frosting almost as much as decorating! Don't worry...the "tasting" came after the cookies had been decorated. :-)


Jen said...

I love the PB&J sandwiches...I need to purchase some cookie cutters! Ugh! That is such a great idea and a fun way to get them to eat their foods too! I am making meatloaf tonight and I secretly mashed up some carrots and put them in it! Shhhhh!!