Sunday, August 24, 2008

So many things!

I've been so bad about updating the blog! I'm going to be better about it this week. I have so many things to talk about!!

1. A week ago I attended a beautiful funeral for my friend Jim's mom, Norma. Jim and Becky are dear to us, and Norma was a wonderfully kind person. She's struggled for the last several months, and died peacefully. Heaven is a brighter place with her in it.

2. My friend Jen had her baby last night, SIX MINUTES after arriving at the hospital!! I haven't been able to talk to her personally yet, but that is a story I have GOT to hear!! His name is Nolan, and I can't wait to meet him.

3. SOPHIE IS IN A BIG GIRL BED!! She has officially moved up to her toddler bed! She loves it, and hasn't abused her freedom at all (yet). We close her door at night, but can hear her on the monitor. When she wakes up in the morning she yells for me, and waits on her bed until we open the door. It is so sweet!! Surely the boys will be that obedient when it's their turn to move to toddler beds, right?! HAAAA! Here's a picture of Sophie in her bed:

4. Blake has tooth #4! Now he has 3 on the bottom and 1 on top. He's working on the second top one, though. He's catching up with Graham, who still has 6.

5. SAVE THE DATE! We're having a birthday party for all three of them on Sunday, September 14 from noon-2pm at Sedgwick County Park. All are welcome! We'll have hot dogs and hamburgers, and let the kids tear into cake. :-) Just RSVP so we know to watch for you!

6. Brent has a new LOVE: He got a new Snapper lawn mower. It's the craziest story--I bought him a new Craftsman mower about 2 years ago, and he took it in to Sears for service (it was still under warranty). They had it for a couple of weeks, and Sears lent him a Snapper while they were working on it. HE FELL IN LOVE. I was counting my pennies trying to figure out how to get him a new mower! When he got his mower back, it was in worse shape than when he took it in, so they gave him a BRAND NEW mower...which he promptly returned for a (you guessed it)...brand new Snapper!! Wooo hoooo!! He's happy, I'm happy, and the kids think it's pretty special, too:

7. Dad and Louise called from Wall, South Dakota (the home of Wall Drug Store)--they rented a cabin, and were calling from the comfort of rustic log chairs on their covered porch, where they were drinking Bahama Mamas, eating peanuts and watching the sunset. AWESOME!!!


Jen said... many things is right! That is an exciting week you have all had...

Congrats to Sophie on her big girl bed! I know what an exciting feat this is! Yay!!

Congrats to Blake on tooth #4! :-)

Congrats to Brent on his new Snapper too! hehe!

Oh and Happy Birthday to the Stiles clan! :-) My are one busy woman! :-)