Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy Weekend!

This has been quite a week for Brent. He had two job offers this week, so he's spent a lot of time mulling them over and trying to decide what to do. Both offers are with great companies and were good opportunities, but the negatives outweighed the positives in both cases. He's decided to stay where he is. I know that wasn't an easy decision--it really weighed on his mind. Why can't we just win the lottery?? :-)

Boy--weekends fly by, don't they?! Kelly and I spent Saturday morning at Dream Dinners making our meals. We made 24 meals each--our freezers are works of art! We had the Buffalo Chicken last night and oooo-laaaa-laaa it was awesome. I am in loooove. I swear I should be their spokesperson... Last night dinner was on the table in 20 minutes--I felt like Rachael Ray!

Saturday night was our neighborhood party, and part of my job as Recreation Chair is to help with the event. Two neighborhood bands played, we had a moonwalk for the kids, and popcorn and popsicles by the pool. Brent brought the kids over for an hour (it was sooo hot that night!!) and Sophie liked dancing to the music.

Sunday was spent getting things ready for the upcoming consignment sale. We have a lot of the boys' clothes and stuff to sell (I use the proceeds to get their next season's clothes). I tell you, I am SAD, SAD, SAD to see their tiny clothes go! It makes me want another baby so bad!! Brent won't even discuss such craziness, though. :-) I won't be so sensitive once the consignment sale is over.