Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We celebrated with doughnuts this morning--candles and all. Here are the kids singing to their Daddy.


We made a Happy Birthday sign, and Sophie was thrilled with the results. She couldn't wait for Brent to see it--she stumbled out of bed barely awake this morning saying "C'mon brothers, look at Daddy's sign!" Graham saw it and said "TA DA!!" Classic Graham--such a showman!

We're back in blogworld now after a not-so-brief hiatus. Somehow there haven't been enough hours in the day for the past few weeks. I'll be posting a GratiWednesday post tomorrow along with pictures and updates on the kids.


Jen said...

Too cute! Love the "my turn!" Dolls! I also super heart the dress up photos with the boys in dresses! They will just LOVE you for that later in life I'm sure! hahaha! Welcome back to the blog world! We missed ya!

Christy said...

Awwww! I had to laugh out loud at the dresses photos. :) The tutu was too cute! lol