Friday, January 9, 2009

Our new addictions

Facebook, Skype and Wii have won our hearts around here! Brent discovered Skype, and set it up so we can talk to Dad and Louise. It's amazing! We're loving it, and Brent is becoming quite the computer super-user.

I joined Facebook, and it's fun to see old friends and classmates on there! Brent needs to open an account, too--he's been wanting to connect with some old Army buddies. He got a call out of the blue last month from someone he served in Germany with, which was fantastic! He'd love to get in touch with some of the others.

Ahhhh, the Wii...Sophie LOVES to watch someone playing it, and brings the remote to me practically begging me to play it. (Can I blame this for the decrease in housework I've done lately??) Who knew I was such a tennis pro? My friend Becky is quite the tennis player (in the real know, a real court and fuzzy balls and everything) and I asked her if she'd show me how to play "real tennis" sometime. All this brought on by a video game--it seems backwards, doesn't it??
Here are some recent pics of the kids playing in a "fort" we made under the kitchen table!


Jen said...

I love forts under tables! Oh and I just requested you be my friend on Facebook b/c I too have a sick addiction to this!!! FUN!

Christy said...

I'm on the book too! p.s. LOVE the pics!

Jennifer Gragg said...

Hey there. Found you on FB. :-) Love the pix of the kids as usual. Sophie is just too stinkin' cute!